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  Wow.  How about this for the ultimate luxury #wedding accessory?   It is the 'must-have' in the US, apparently.    The Edie Parker Clutch...   You can personalise it for colour, wording, font etc....    Yours from $1700   :)   I've just been nominated by one of my lovely Cherish brides for the Guides for Brides Five Star Awards.    

If you enjoyed your Cherish experience, and would like to leave a vote or a review, the link is here:      

http://www.guidesforbrides.co.uk/find/wedding-celebrants-and-toastmasters/warwickshire/cherish-ceremonies/125412 Cherish-Ceremonies shared MORE THAN Vintage's photo.  Loved this (thanks Joy McCarthy for spotting it!), and it set me wondering about creative uses for wedding dresses after 'the day'...   What did you do with your dress?
  I've seen this around the internet, so thought I would share it with you - a bit of fun on a wet day...     For me, it would be pretty much the same place!  We had our wedding reception where we met:  RAF Sealand Officer's Mess, in N Wales!    How about you?

And of course, with a Celebrant, you CAN marry where you first met ... wherever that may be!  :)   I've just read through the vows the bridegroom has written for his bride for next weekend's wedding, and they are soooo beautiful, they  have made me cry...   Goodness knows how the bride will be *Makes notes to put extra tissues in the Cherish Wedding Bag*   

The most beautiful wedding vows are those where the couple have been involved in selecting them, writing their own, or personalising and adapting them from my extensive list of examples.      

Writing your own vows isn't an option with the Registrar - and it isn't a legal part of the ceremony.    Why not opt for a Registration Only service to complete the legal aspects of your marriage, and then have the ceremonial part of your wedding (the walk down the aisle, being given away, the vows, the rings, the readings, the first kiss and that triumphant walk back down the aisle) with CherishCeremonies?

Your ceremony will have the wow factor that stems from being original, heartfelt, meaningful and heart-meltingly beautiful  .....       Contact me on here, or via my website (cherish-ceremonies.co.uk)  for more information....  <3 <3 Cherish-Ceremonies shared Halo FX's photo.  oooh!  Autumnal Confetti!
Cherish-Ceremonies shared New Hall Hotel & Spa's photo.  What an interesting photograph of a wedding at New Hall Hotel and Spa, taken so long ago!   

A few things strike me:  

-  Lots of bridesmaids was nothing new - there are EIGHT at this wedding!   

-  The bridesmaids are wearing veils

-  Everyone is SO covered up:  high necklines, long sleeves...   

What do you notice in this photograph? Cherish-Ceremonies shared The Wedding Community's photo.  Would you dare apply for this?   HOT OFF THE PRESS!  Congratulations to Louise!   Introducing Louise Harris, Warwickshire's award-winning wedding planner.  For the second year in a row, Louise has picked up the Wedding Industry Expert award!    I love this lady - she really understands what wedding planning is all about.  Her eye for the tiniest detail is amazing, and she is calm, kind... in fact, every bride needs a Louise!
Cherish-Ceremonies added 4 photos.  I know.   I know.    It's trumpet blowing....  but it reflects a lot of hard work (although it doesn't feel remotely like work!), and I am very proud of what I have achieved in the last year, so please do indulge me! Cherish-Ceremonies updated their cover photo.    Oh!  Such pretty things over on Pinterest!   A great alternative to the Guest Book...

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