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Cherish-Ceremonies shared Gem 106's photo.  Oh this is SO lovely!  Do enjoy this one!   And yes, I did have a tear in my eye!  <3
Cherish-Ceremonies shared The Balloon Lady's photo.  ooh, look at these lovely balloons from Lucinda The Balloon Lady!  What an effective prop for photos as well as great room or table décor.   Love it!   I have just written that very poem Judy!  This was for a wedding in Scotland with a Bluebell Tartan theme, which I incorporated into the colours of the writing - all written and framed by Northampton Calligraphy Studio - a gift from the uncle of the bride
  #WednesdayWeddingWords    Have you been asked to give a reading at a wedding? This is such a beautiful piece: not too long, very meaningful, and wouldn't it make a lovely framed gift from you to the happy couple, to commemorate your part in their day?  Click to read these lovely words!

 When the One….. ~ Author Unknown

 When the one whose hand you're holding
 Is the one who holds your heart
 When the one whose eyes you look into
 Gives your hopes and dreams their start,
 When the one you think of first and last
 Is the one who holds you tight,
 And the things you plan together
 Make the whole world seem just right,
 When the one whom you believe in
 puts their faith and trust in you,
 You've found the one and only love
 You'll share your whole life through.

 I can help couples - or their guests - choose just the right reading they need for their wedding or vow renewal. My speciality as a #Celebrant is researching, researching, researching until I find the exact poem, reading or song that is just perfect. Nothing less will do!   Our recommended celebrant Cherish-Ceremonies in our grounds   #TuesdayTradition    Each Tuesday, I will be selecting a #wedding tradition to chat about.  If there is a wedding tradition you would like to see here next Tuesday, why not ask the #Celebrant to explain it?  

Tying tin cans to a car bumper is a symbolic nod to something called Charivari, or Shivaree, which originated in France, then crossed to the US.  These noisy midnight parties were occasions where friends would come and bang pots and pans outside the newlyweds' bedroom window - the bride and groom would have to appear in full wedding dress, and feed these noisy visitors to make them go away!   

Decorating the car with noisy tin cans is today's version of this (thankfully!) tradition, and is usually done by the best man and groomsmen...  Although it now often also  involves shaving foam, lipstick, streamers, confetti, and I have even heard of a kipper on the manifold... ewwwww!
  Happy 1st birthday to HRH Prince George; destined to be King one day, though very doubtful it would be in my lifetime! 

I expect he will be showered with gifts from around the world.   A women's group in Kenya has already gifted 2 fattened bulls, a heifer and a goat...  

I expect he'd rather play with the empty box they came in!!  ;-) Cherish-Ceremonies updated their cover photo.  Cherish-Ceremonies shared Shropshire Petals's photo.  Anyone up for this?   <3  Please share it to reach couples who may like to take part - and get to wear their finery again!
  What a lovely thank you card came today, for a gorgeous wedding ceremony I did last month for Tim and Laura, in a walled garden in Oxford.  When I found out that Bertrand Russell had once lived in the house, I had to incorporate some of his words into the ceremony, which delighted the groom's parents, who are the current owners of the house.   The ceremony was so simple, so heartfelt, so full of joy - it was a real privilege to be part of it.    

Here is an extract from their card:  

Cherish-Ceremonies shared Claire Henley Art's photo.  From a lovely artist - do visit and like her page; she has some gorgeous paintings to show you!   Look!  The lovely bride and groom, Claire and Terry, from yesterday's ceremony.  The bride's dress was simply stunning.    And I now realise that I am not as tall as I thought I was!!
  #SaturdaySymbolism   The bride and groom's lovely Unity Candle from yesterday's wedding ceremony at Fawsley Hall    Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Burgin,  and every happiness to you both xx

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